24/02/2017TOUS take part in the premiere of ”Conecta con el Mercado” in La 2 of RTVE

TOUS has been one of the protagonists this week of the first episode of the Spanish tv show ‘Conecta con el Mercado’ in La 2 of RTVE (Spanish Radio and Television), an excellent television project born of a collaboration agreement between RTVE and “ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones” which now can be seen on their respective websites (both with global scope).

For nearly an-hour transmission, the program showed the internationalization stories of several Spanish companies in Mexico. Through our corporate vice president Rosa Tous the television viewers were able to discover a little more about TOUS and its activity in this country that nowadays represents the second market for the company.
In the words of Eladio Jareño, TVE director, this new television challange of which we have been part will stand out for ‘the social and public service commitment’.

You can find the report on TOUS through the following link:https://youtu.be/DwgZo5G9wHI