19/05/2017Rosa Oriol and Salvador Tous receive the José María Ricarte National Creativity Prize in Barcelona

The advertising association, Associació Empresarial de Publicitat, acknowledged the contribution that the Tous husband and wife team has made to communications and advertising.

The spokesperson for the jury explained that this acknowledgement reflects what TOUS had done to turn its brand into a leader with values, such as tenderness, which has become inextricably associated with the brand. TOUS’ Bear was likewise compared with other world famous icons and it was pointed out that the bear had originally started out as an idea, an idea that would make TOUS a unique jeweler in the world.  The jury wanted to reward Rosa Oriol and Salvador Tous for the use of creativity in their work and for their humanitarianism.

When Rosa Oriol collected the prize, she said: “Everyone who works in creativity should take risks and defend their ideas. I am thrilled that creativity is alive at TOUS and our greatest contribution has been to set an example to our daughters and our team so that they do not lose courage to continue creating. When it came to Salvador Tous, he highlighted the importance that creativity had always had for them and went on to say: “It fills us with pride to have received this award for the creativity of our brand, as it is one of TOUS’ principal values on which we have always based our work”.