Discover the three types of handbags you must have in your closet

Discover the three types of handbags you must have in your closet

TOUS shopping bag from the Amaya Kaos Mini Evolution collection in taupe-colored synthetic leather with saffiano finish

It’s no secret that at TOUS, we love bags in all their expressions, and we love to help our customers choose those models that are a must in any closet. The bag is one of the indispensable accessories in a woman’s daily life, firstly because it is necessary to carry our essential items, and secondly because that practical function is also accompanied by an aesthetic that makes it a key accessory to complete any outfit.  

It is impossible to talk about bags without approaching the subject of the fashion industry, which is the one that concerns us. Being a broad topic, we have dedicated several articles to address the different types of bags you can find in the market, from party bags to summer bags. And today’s article is no exception: we’ll talk about which are the best bags for women this season, which ones you can’t miss among your basic options, and which ones will be useful to give a fun and casual touch to your outfit. 

Run for paper and pencil because we will bring you good information!


Handbag trends for 2023

The first thing we have to consider when buying a women’s handbag is what we need it for. Like every piece we wear, the bag we choose also communicates a myriad of things depending on its size, color, materials, and shape, so answering this first question will be essential to start evaluating the available options.

We are talking about an important accessory that even the German Chancellor Angela Merkel was questioned about using her fetish bag, a shopping bag from the French luxury house Longchamp. According to many experts in the personal image, a woman’s handbag reflects many aspects of her life, essence, and dressing style. It is even possible to create a certain archetype depending on the bag she uses. 

TOUS bucket bag from the Kaos Dream collection in quilted polyurethane in the shape of bears with a leather effect finish in brownNow, what bags should you have in your closet for this coming season? We make a tour of some models that you must have to complete any outfit. Get paper and pencil!

Bomber bags for summer

Bowler bags are a must-have in any closet, both in summer and in any other season of the year. They are comfortable, spacious and timeless bags (depending on the color); they fit any day-to-day look and, with the right combination of garments and accessories, they can also be an evening bag. 

Our recommendation is that you opt for a resistant material and a neutral color. With these two characteristics, we assure you that you will have a bag capable of giving joy and freshness to any look.

Shoulder bags

Shoulder bags are very versatile, and that’s what we love about them. Large, medium, or small, they are a classic type of bag that remains central to new bag collections, and we couldn’t be happier that they are still a living and constantly evolving trend: the proof is that they continue to occupy a space within bag collections, which also means that we can find a wide variety of designs, from the most casual to the fanciest. 

We recommend having a copy of each size in neutral colors and resistant materials. You will see how easy it will be to put together amazing looks and feel like you don’t need any other bag!  

TOUS shopping bag in cotton canvas with synthetic leather trim in beigeShopping bag

Is it too early to say that the shopping bag is our favorite bag of the season? Big, roomy, and incredibly comfortable for those who need gadgets and personal items during their daily routine, those who travel constantly, or those who simply like to carry their personal items with them during the day. 

A shopping bag is a must-have in a girl’s closet, especially now that autumn is approaching, and the progressive return of cardigans and coats is starting. Our recommendation is to get a shopping bag if your daily needs require it and opt for durable materials so that your purchase becomes a long-term investment.

The best TOUS bags for women

  • Kaos Dream Bombonera Brown: also available in burgundy, this bombonera has become one of our favorite items for several reasons, but the most important is that it is a timeless and, therefore, incredibly versatile garment. It has an adjustable strap, allowing you to wear it in the summer or spring at hip height and flaunting your best dresses or crossed over your favorite cardigan during the fall.
  • Small Audree taupe TOUS La Rue shoulder bag: a shoulder bag symbol of the house. It is small but very comfortable for its size, with compartments for your basic items. Its signature handle and color palette make it the perfect bag for a casual chic look, to go to the office, or to share vermouth with your friends.
  • Shopping medium Amaya taupe TOUS La Rue: following the line of timeless models and must-haves that we have mentioned throughout the article, our third recommendation is this medium shopping bag, ideal for carrying all the objects you consider necessary to face the day. With one of these in your closet, you will also have a very useful and chic bag for your trips, long walks, or trips to the beach. 
  • Mini mauve TOUS Funny bag: we close this selection with a fun, casual option, ideal for lightening up any look and giving it a fun touch even in the most elegant situation. This TOUS Funny mini bag is compact, perfect for carrying only what you need and having fun without noticing that you have it with you. It is available in mauve, pink, red, and fuchsia. 

We do not want to close this article without reminding you that in any of our stores, we have qualified staff that will give you the advice you need, make the best recommendations, and accompanies you during your purchase. We are waiting for you!

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