Discover the types of ear piercings

Discover the types of ear piercings

Before getting a piercing, you should know about all of the types of ear piercings that exist so you can find out which one best suits your style. The first thing you need to think about is which part of your ear you want to adorn. Once you choose the exact location, you should take three fundamental characteristics into account: the length, thickness of the bar and diameter of the piercing.

Firstly, we can differentiate the types of ear piercings by their dimensions. We can find thin piercings that have a thickness of between 0.6mm and 0.8 mm, and thick ones that measure between 1 and 1.3mm. The thickness or width is the diameter of the part of the piercing that is inserted into the hole. Where it will be positioned will determine whether it is thinner or thicker. The same is the case with the length of the bar or diameter of the hoop, depending on the location and the desired result, the choice will change.

Main types of ear piercings

The ear can be pierced in many more places than you realize. The place chosen will determine the type of piercing. There are two main types of ear piercing: those that go in the earlobe and piercings of the cartilage.

The lobe is the bottom part of the ear and is divided into the lower, middle and upper lobe. As these are the more flesh areas, they are less painful for piercing. Piercing in the lobe is the most traditional. In fact, the first earrings we get when we are children are in the lower lobe. You can have as many piercings in the lobe as the space you have, although this is also the case with the cartilage. That area, however, is the hardest part of the ear. The cartilage is formed by elastic fibers that provide great flexibility.

On the other hand, it is also possible to classify piercings according to the shape of the hole. It can be a classic hole, from the front to back, but it can also be a transversal hole or double hole.

Orbital piercings are done with two holes which connect with a ring which forms a type of orbit. Our gold earrings from the Tous Basics collection are perfect for this type of piercing. However, in the case of a transversal piercing, as its name suggests, the ear is pierced transversally. The two holes of the piercing in the lobe and their earrings are visible on the sides of the ear and the bar that joins them is hidden behind the ear. In contrast, if you get a piercing in the top cartilage, this is called an industrial piercing and the bar is visible. For these two types of piercing, you can use our steel and pearl earrings from the Tous Pearl collection.

Names of ear piercings

There are as many names of ear piercings as areas that can be pierced in the ear. That’s why, here at Tous, we tell you the names of ear piercings that are most fashionable among men and women.

  • The Tragus earring is placed on the tragus, the small oval-shaped prominence of cartilage which covers the ear canal (near to the sideburns).
  • However, the Anti-tragus piercing goes on the cartilage, above the lobe, on the side opposite the Tragus.
  • Rook: is on the small ridge above the tragus, in the inner cartilage.
  • Helix: in the outer area of cartilage at the top of the ear.
  • Anti-helix or Snug: on the opposite side to the helix, above the Tragus, in the cartilage, near to the face. Specifically, this type of piercing is situated on the vertical prominence of cartilage on the inner part of the ear, without piercing the back, as in the case of Ragnar piercings.
  • Internal helix or Daith: situated in the middle of the innermost cartilage, it may reduce migraines.
  • Flat helix: at the top of the ear in the area where the cartilage is flat, between the Rook and the Helix.
  • Conch: in the cartilage that is shaped like a conch (shell) both inside and outside. It goes above the Anti-tragus and between the Helix and Rook.
  • Ear Cuff: are earrings that don’t require piercings. To wear them, you just need to press gently on the earring to fit it to the ear.

Which style of ear piercing looks best

The ear piercing that looks best on you will be the one that perfectly suits your style, tastes and that gives you the desired result. One single piercing which is tastefully positioned will be just as pretty as an ear full of carefully chosen piercings or with one of our climber ear cuffs.

The Tragus is one of the most versatile. Our Tous Piercings collection offers you what you are looking for: hoop, in the shape of the Tous bear, heart, star, moon, etc. If you want to achieve a rocker style, the Antihelix and Tous Basics piercings are perfect. For the more minimalist among you, the ideal choice is the Flat and one of our diamond earrings or anything from the Plump collection.

Combining piercings allows you to create extremely attractive effects. You can combine our gold steel earrings with an amethyst from the New Motif collection with a Plump gold steel earring and amethyst or with any Virtual Garden gold steel piercing.  Wearing two hoops of different diameters and even colors creates a look that will never go out of fashion, and you can also wear them for any occasion. Gold, silver, with pearls or gemstones…Combine any of our models however you like or wear the Tous Basics collection with different diameters. Hoops also look fantastic combined with costume jewelry piercings if they match and have meaning. You can use a different meaning for each piercing. That’s why we have created packs of 3 piercings with different designs.

Finally, remember that combinations of diamonds or gemstones stand out for special occasions as they add a touch of light to your look. Examples include Les Classiques rose gold star shaped earrings with diamonds or Teddy Bear collection silver and gemstone earrings.

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