Fashionable bags: the latest trends in accessories for this year

Fashionable bags: the latest trends in accessories for this year

Bags have existed almost since time immemorial, their designs have changed and adapted to the latest trends, but there is one thing that remains intact: their practicality. You have to travel to ancient Egypt to discover the beginnings of the bag, at that time they were used to store the harvesters’ seeds. More than two thousand years later, we use them to store our belongings and for convenience, the same essence!

Now, if you want to discover the latest trends and the fashionable bags for 2023, keep reading!

2023 fashion trends

Before delving into the bag trends for 2023, we want to briefly tell you what people are wearing this year, so you can get the best combinations with your clothing and accessories! 

Fashion catwalks have shown us once again that fashion is cyclical, because the essence of the 2000’s is back in the 2023 fashion trends. Denim is a key fabric in all of its facets, both in full denim looks and two-tone trousers made with this fabric, or long denim skirts. 

This season, wearing lingerie style clothing will also be popular, both with transparent pieces in tops and dresses, and on top of clothing like strass tops or slip dresses. 

In terms of footwear, wardrobe essentials include Mary Janes style shoes, which combine with fashionable bags in 2023. In addition, when it comes to colors, we should think about green, mauve, electric blue and colors that will always be in fashion: black and nude. 

Combine your wardrobe basics with other fashionable clothing and accessories  this season to put together a perfect outfit!

Fashionable bags 2023

The bags that we use say a lot about us, our personality or our needs. Dressing with fashionable bags in 2023 will turn you into a super stylish person.

Large bags, small bags, everyday bags, brightly colored or neutral bags…there are endless options to choose from! However, to guide you in your choice, we tell you which bags are in fashion in 2023. 

We have been reviewing street style and catwalks and have seen many XXL quilted bags, oval-shaped or half-moon shaped, and other different and original shapes. Additionally, people are carrying metallic bags, bags with sparkles and lambswool.

This is the year to experiment and opt for fun accessories at any time of year, both winter and summer. And, bags made with fluffy fabric will also be popular for spring and summer.

Large bags are in fashion

Both for the office and university, or to carry your everyday essentials, large bags are the ideal accessory. 

This year, we can add even more in terms of size, since fashionable large bags are now XXL, so you can carry everything from your laptop to gym clothes, everything you need!

If we also take into account that they come in striking colors like electric blue and quilted bags, with the large bag from the TOUS Cloud Soft collection  you will have all of the trends in one. A perfect bag to add an original touch to your looks! 

And, if you are already thinking about those summer days and the clothes you’ll be wearing, we can tell you that large basket style bags will be your ideal accessory, such as the basket bag from the Scoubidou by Tous collection, with details in bright colors. Get yourself in summer mode now with a bag like this one!

Fashionable bags for teenagers

Teenagers’ needs are different, and the clothes worn by their age group are too. Here we give you some bags for teenagers that are fashionable:

Belt bags are a must have at this age, comfortable and trendy, the TOUS Marina belt bag in mauve or lime and with a quilted fabric is perfect for younger teenagers.

Small fashion bags like mobile phone bags or mini bags are also ideal, since you can place the one thing that is most useful and essential to you inside them, your mobile phone. The mini bag from the TOUS Pop Warm collection, with lambswool and available in purple, green or red, will be a basic accessory that any teenager will love. 

Other women’s bags that are in fashion

For the more classic or more daring among us, this season features options of women’s fashion bags to suit all tastes. 

As we’ve already mentioned, the original and fun bags are popular, and these allow us to play with fashion, find them in the shape of a heart or flower, with bright colors and quilted, like the flower shaped bag from the TOUS Carol collection, you are bound to triumph!


For day-to-day, shoulder bags or backpacks offer us a lot of comfort without losing style. The  TOUS Marina shoulder bag in green will be your best ally, or the navy blue backpack from the same collection for the biggest fans of this accessory. 


Of course, classic bags in black, nude, grey or white will never go out of fashion. Just like the bags we’ve mentioned, a good wardrobe basic will always be fashionable.


For more ideas, you can always visit the Tous online store and get inspiration from browsing through its different collections. 

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