How to combine necklaces for a perfect look

How to combine necklaces for a perfect look

In order to look radiant, it is essential that our jewelry matches. But why conform and
only wear one piece of jewelry on our neck? Combining necklaces in the right way
will guarantee a perfect look for any occasion.
An ordered an meaningful combination of necklaces will add a unique touch because it's
highly unlikely that anyone else in the world will wear the same necklaces as you.
However, to be able to show them off as they deserve, you need to have space between
each necklace, especially if they have a pendant. Otherwise, one will cover the other
and you won’t achieve the desired result.
When wearing one or more necklaces, it is important for each one to stay in its place.
To prevent them from becoming tangled, it's best to put them on one by one. We
recommend joining one necklace with the other using the clasp, starting from the
shortest to the longest, creating one single necklace. Twist it around the neck and fit
each necklace in place. That way, you will stop them from becoming entangled.

Get a perfect “layering” of necklaces

Layering is a technique used by men and women which consists of combining necklaces
by placing them in layers so you can see them all.
The first thing you need to do to achieve a perfect layering effect is to choose the main
necklace that you will match the others with. You can use two, three or as many as you
like, but they should be of different lengths to create a cascade effect. For example,
combining a choker which fits closely to the neck, a medium length and a long length
necklace will always be a hit.
The ideal layering is where all of the necklaces you are wearing, no matter how many
there are, can be seen without covering each other and they are in total harmony in
terms of style and color. However, the perfect layering is that which best represents you
and that you like best.

All of the types of necklaces that can be combined

Chokers, chains, necklaces and pendants can be combined with each other and when
you respect two rules: that they match and don’t cover each other. To do so, as we
already mentioned, they have to be different lengths. For the combination of textures,
materials and colors, always think about the clothing you are going to wear.
Your necklaces can be all gold, all silver or pearl, but you can also mix them together.
For example, two or three silver or gold necklaces that aren’t very striking will make
your pearl choker stand out even more. Equally, it is common to mix silver necklaces
with cord necklaces with a silver pendant. And necklaces with pendants, with
gemstones or diamonds, can be combined with other necklaces. In this case, the
important thing is to make the precious stones stand out so not all of them should
contain them.

Another really chic option is to mix necklaces with stars with others with moons or
hearts. Or mix different symbols with a special meaning like pendants with initials,
pendants with signs of the zodiac or lucky charms like a four leaf clover or a horseshoe.

Discover the best necklaces to combine on TOUS

Tous offers a wide variety of pendants and long, medium and short necklaces that can
be combined with each other. Many of Tous’ short silver necklaces or the necklaces
from the Balloon collection (which feature an adjustable cord with one or several
pendants in the shape of the Tous bear, tear or flower) match perfectly with medium
length necklaces like the silver rosary with gemstones, two-tone necklaces or those from
the Magic Nature collection, which also contain cord, and long necklaces like the silver
doughnut from the Luah collection or the pearls from the Sea Vibes collection.
For their part, short silver necklaces in the shape of a heart, the Tous bear, medallion,
star, moon, etc., just like long cord necklaces with different silver motifs, achieve a
spectacular result together with necklaces without pendants. And short gold and
diamond necklace from Tous look fantastic with the Tamara Falcó silver necklace with
cultivated pearls or the long necklace made of silver and gemstones from the Magic
Nature collection. The wide range of necklaces and silver pendants that Tous has to
offer won’t leave you feeling indifferent.
In addition, your jewelry box simply must have the Glory medium silver necklace, the
silver choker from the Gloss collection and the different pearl necklaces that combine
perfectly with almost any type of necklace. Remember that these are just a few tips.
Bearing in mind that necklaces are often jewelry pieces full of meaning, the perfect look
will be the one you create.

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