Jewelry for a wedding anniversary gift

Jewelry for a wedding anniversary gift

There are special occasions that stand out in the calendar and one of them is the wedding anniversary. Whether it’s only been a few years, 25, 50 or 75, it is always a time of celebration and joy. But each anniversary should be special and unforgettable. Wedding anniversary jewelry has been designed precisely to help us create a magical day. Jewelry is much more than a gift, it is a symbol of love between two people.

On the first anniversary, as happens in silver, gold or diamond weddings, one of the star gifts will be an anniversary ring. Even though the ring is a symbol of union and commitment, in reality, it will always be special. Bracelets are also a worthy gift for any anniversary. You just need to choose your partner’s style. You will find elegant or sporty, traditional or modern, striking or discreet models, with hearts, with initials or ones that can be personalized which are highly appropriate for the occasion.

Equally, we can buy our husband or wife a necklace. A choker with gems or diamonds, a gold or silver chain, a necklace made of stones or with a special pendant are all perfect pieces of jewelry to give on a wedding anniversary. Certain symbols like hearts, the tree of life, infinity, horoscope signs or initials will always add a special meaning to a necklace.

And if we just think about husbands for a moment, a tie pin or cufflinks are gifts that are bound to remind them of moments they have enjoyed alongside their life partner, chosen a long time ago and chosen again each day.

Trends in jewelry to give your partner on your wedding anniversary

A wedding anniversary gift is full of meaning. In fact, each year that passes is represented by a different material and this helps us when it comes to making a choice because we can focus on looking for a piece of jewelry with the specific stone.

For example,18 years of marriage is the quartz wedding anniversary, 15 years is glass, 27 years is jet, 30 years is pearl, 35 years is coral, 38 years is jade, 39 years is agate, 40 years is ruby, 41 years is topaz, 42 years is jasper, 43 years is opal, 44 years is turquoise, 45 years is sapphire, 46 years is mother of pearl, 47 years is amethyst, 55 years is emerald, 65 years is platinum, 75 years is diamonds and 95 years is onyx.

But a piece of jewelry for a wedding anniversary doesn’t have to contain a stone. Any jewelry given at such a special time by the person they love will be perfect.  The important thing is to match your partner’s look and to show them that someone will always be by their side.

Silver weddings

If it has been 25 years since you said “I do”, then it’s time to think of what to buy for your silver wedding anniversary. Whether it is for a husband or wife, silver jewelry will be an exceptional idea because jewelry lasts forever, like the love that unites you.

So, if you’re not sure what to buy for a silver wedding, you can follow tradition and buy a piece of silver jewelry as a gift. Although, if you prefer, platinum and white gold are also options you can consider. But bear in mind that they are more expensive than silver.

Golden weddings

There are unique occasions in life and one of them is a golden wedding. Being able to celebrate the fact you got married half a century ago is a blessing which, sadly, not many couples get to experience. But for many couples, being such an important date causes a problem in that they don’t know what to buy for a golden wedding gift. However, the solution is simple: Give jewelry for your golden wedding!

In short, golden wedding jewelry is perfect for renewing vows. As its name suggests, the jewelry should be gold or gold colored.

Diamond weddings

A marriage that has lasted for 60 years is proof that true and eternal love do exist. When you don’t know what to buy for a diamond wedding, I advise you to choose jewelry that contains a diamond. Each diamond is unique, just like the love that unites the couple that has grown together.

Diamonds aren’t exactly the cheapest stone we can find, but true love is priceless.

TOUS helps you to find the best jewelry to surprise your partner on such a special day

If you take a look at the romantic collection of Engagement rings by Tous or the gift ideas, you will find a wide variety of earrings, necklaces and bracelets in silver and gold, and some models with diamonds or pearls or with a heart that are perfect for the occasion. In addition, you can make it even more special by inscribing the date, your names or your initials. 

The Sweet Dolls red thread bracelet is also full of meaning. In short, according to a Japanese legend, two people that are destined to share their lives together and love each other forever are joined by a red colored thread.

Gold, silver, precious stones, earrings, bracelets, bangles, anklets, chains, medallions, pendants, cameos, cufflinks, tie pins….Tous has what you are looking for as a gift for such a special moment.

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