Jewelry with meaning

Jewelry with meaning

Some items of jewelry simply have the function of improving our look and some jewelry has meaning. Special pieces of jewelry, both for men and women, are those that excite us and convey feelings like love, friendship, closeness, protection or gratitude. They can be important because of who gave them to us, because of the moment at which they were given or because of the place they come from. But there are also pieces of jewelry that have a value in themselves.

For example, depending on our religion, we will choose one design or another. The star of David represents Jews, but there are also crosses and medallions with saints or virgins that are symbols of Christianity. Other examples are the Egyptian cross which symbolizes life and the Celtic cross which is a lucky charm. Equally, Fatima’s hand, Turkish eye, four-leaf clover, horseshoe or figa are charms to protect us against evil.

For their part, both pearls and gemstones also bring good luck. But each precious stone has its own meaning. For example, pearls symbolize purity, sapphire is considered to be the stone of knowledge, ruby is about passion, amethyst is one of the quintessential stones representing loving relationships…. There are also other non-religious symbols full of meaning that make jewelry special. A heart means love, it can be for siblings, parents and children, to a partner, family or friends.  The infinity symbol means that the person giving it to you will stay by your side forever. The tree of life signifies union and also represents family. The fleur-de-lis is a lily motif with three petals that symbolizes purity, sanctity and the holy Trinity.

The most special pieces of jewelry and their meaning

Unquestionably, one of the most special pieces of jewelry for any woman is an engagement ring, which signifies that they will soon wear a wedding ring on their ring finger. In fact, a solitaire ring, or a ring with an encrusted stone, is perfect for getting engaged, especially if it’s a diamond. Although it doesn’t have to be a diamond, it can be any precious stone and it can even include more than one.

Another special ring which is full of meaning is the Claddagh ring. It originates from Ireland and consists of two hands holding a heart with a crown on it. The hands represent friendship, the heart is for love and the crown is for loyalty. It is a gift for a variety of occasions and can also be an engagement ring.

Similarly, angel callers, a spherical pendant with a ball inside which produces a gentle and pleasant sound, ideal for placing on a chain on the stomach of a pregnant woman, are pieces of jewelry that have a special meaning. 

But special jewelry isn’t just for women. Bangle bracelets represent fidelity, union and commitment with the other person. In addition, they can be engraved with the name or initials of your partner, of both of you or with a date that is important to you both. The same is the case with seal rings, so-called because they were originally used to seal documents. By inscribing the initials on the top, you will get a unique piece.

Discover the most special jewelry on TOUS

Tous jewelry is special and signifies affection, optimism and hope. In fact, this is what its bear represents. In addition, it evokes endearing and, therefore unforgettable, moments. Various pendants stand out with the Tous bear in 3D from the Bold Bear collection. The sapphire and gold models, as well as the gemstone and  gold models or those made with diamonds and gold are perfect for a special occasion. However, the gold earrings, necklace and ring with diamonds from the Bent collection are very unique.

To celebrate love, Tous has designed the San Valentin (Valentine’s) collection. We believe in universal and different love, like each of us and like each piece of jewelry. Proof of this can also be seen in the Atelier gold bracelets with messages incorporated. As a minimum, it will bring a smile out on any woman’s face that wears it each time they see it. This is also possible with gemstones, tie pins or bracelets for men. And, so you don’t forget a unique moment like the first communion, there are fantastic pieces of jewelry like medallions, crosses or hearts made in gold, white gold, silver, pearls or mother of pearl. You are also bound to love the new special jewelry for nails.

And remember that you will also be able to personalize some of our pieces of jewelry, adding a name, a word or date, and turning them into more than just meaningful pieces. They will be exclusive pieces designed for the person wearing them and in a form of self-expression.

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