Discover the trends in original watches for men

Discover the trends in original watches for men

TOUS B-Connect smartwatch with yellow silicone strap

We have realized that there is no reference guide to choosing an original men’s watch, so we have decided to make one. The hand watch is an indispensable accessory for the day-to-day, as well as for a man’s style and good dress, two qualities that fortunately are not mutually exclusive. 

The range of models on the market is wide: there are many watchmakers, designers, and fashion brands that launch collections periodically, which has increased the supply on the market and made choosing a watch easier than ever. It is no longer necessary to settle for the classic model of a lifetime; it is now possible to wear a watch on your wrist that is also a fun accessory that complements your outfit. 

Now that the offer is growing, it also means that the criteria for choosing a model are becoming sharper. Do you choose based on utility, style, materials, and exclusivity? Are vintage or modern models better? Do I want it digital or analog? Many of these questions come to light when you start searching for the ultimate watch, so we have prepared this brief guide, which is especially useful if you are looking for a watch to give as a gift.

Men’s watch trends in 2023

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro X TOUS smartwatch in black titanium

The trends in men’s watches in 2023 are quite exciting, as they do not seek to invent what has already been invented but to find new ways to mix the traditional with the modern. While smartwatches are all the rage for their multiple functionalities that we didn’t think possible in such a small device, retro models are also claiming their place in the market as stylish men’s watches

We said it before: when it comes to watches, everything ornamental goes hand in hand with the technical performance, the accuracy in telling the time, and the additional information it can provide (heart rate, distance traveled, calories, temperature.) even in analog models. 


What can we expect this season in terms of shapes, models, and materials?

Personalized watches

Personalized watches for men are a very interesting alternative, especially if the person to whom we are going to give it is a lover of a particular theme, he will surely be thrilled to receive a watch designed for him! The options and models of personalized watches are very wide and range from the most ostentatious designs to initials engraved on the strap or on the inner back of the dial. If you want to be a little more daring and give an unforgettable gift, you can always use a chain watch and personalize it with the inscription of your choice. How cool is that?


Wristwatches are the most common watches because of their functionality. Here we navigate in deep waters because the options are endless and it is necessary to start applying certain filters:

    • Smartwatch with steel bracelet and black zircons T-Shine Connect

      Materials: men’s watches with a rubber strap, fabrics, leather, steel, and other metals. The material defines the watch’s style and is the first thing we have to decide. Please take into consideration the climate in which it will be worn so as not to compromise the comfort of the wearer.

    • Diameter: large, medium, small. The size and shape of the dial marks the style of the watch. 
    • Budget: it is not a minor filter and will be decisive when making the final decision. 
    • Style: sporty, elegant, casual. If, in the first instance, you are not clear about the style you are looking for, the application of the above filters will help you identify the most beautiful men’s watches. 

As you will notice, every time we apply a filter, we eliminate a good part of the options that we are interested in, and we are left with options that are more similar to what we are looking for.


Discover the best watch to give as a gift at TOUS

We’ve reached our favorite part of the article: our recommendations of original watches for men designed in-house. Take note because these are our favorite models: 

  • Born bicolor analog watch in black steel/IP with black leather strap: a sober, casual but timeless model. The combination of materials and colors make it a timeless model that adapts to any outfit, from the most elegant to the sportiest. A safe choice for those who do not want to take risks when choosing a watch as a gift
  • Digital watch with steel strap D-Logo: a model that represents the best of the trends in men’s watches today, combining a classic model with touches of modernity. It is simple in its operation (it offers time, date, alarm, and stopwatch), and its versatility is its strength, as it can give the elegant touch to a casual outfit or the casual touch to any elegant outfit. 
  • Bicolor analog watch in steel/IP black with black silicone strap Xtous: a sporty model that you will love if you are an active man, sports lover, or whose style is casual and casual. The black silicone strap is resistant, adapts very well to any temperature, and matches perfectly with clothes of any color. In addition to the time, it offers minutes, seconds, dates, and chronograph. 
  • B-Connect smartwatch with black silicone strap: one of our most casual, simple, and versatile models. This smartwatch is not just an accessory. It is a useful gadget for everyday life because with it is possible to receive notifications of calls, SMS, and emails. Its materials and operation make it the ideal watch for active men, with a style between sporty and chic. 

We could go on talking about watches for men, models, colors, shapes, and new proposals, so if you are looking for an ideal gift for this season, let us help you choose it! We have qualified staff in any of our stores to advise and accompany you until the end of your purchase. We are waiting for you!

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