What are the best rings to give as gifts?

What are the best rings to give as gifts?

Rings are a very special item of clothing, full of symbolism, which is given on specific occasions when you want to communicate something deep. What does it mean to give a ring to a woman? The most special occasion is the proposal of marriage, but a ring can also be given for family reasons, for a graduation, or for mere vanity. Rings are an ideal gift to express feelings of all kinds, but in today’s article, we will focus on the types of rings to give to a woman.   

Are you looking for the right ring but don’t know where to start? In this brief guide we review the types of rings that a man can give to a woman, the occasions on which you can give it, and the most suitable models for each occasion.

TOUS Vita butterfly ring with two bands in yellow gold, mazonite, ruby, amethyst, diamond and apatiteMeanings of giving a ring as a gift to a woman

There are different types of rings with which a man can express his feelings towards his partner. Each of them has a different meaning, and there are different models for every occasion. Let’s see:  

Promise ring

It is the first ring a man can give his partner to express his desire to be faithful to their relationship. Ultimately, a promise ring acquires meaning depending on the agreements between the two.

The most successful models are those made of gold or silver, simple cut, and with a discreet stone. To make it even more special, we recommend you to make a small inscription with an important date, with your initials, or with a short and special message.

TOUS Les Classiques ring in white gold with diamond rosetteEngagement ring

The engagement ring is the most famous of all, as it signifies eternal love. Its exact meaning varies from couple to couple, especially in this day and age, but it is usually the ring that is given during the proposal of marriage. There are different models of engagement rings for all budgets, from the most luxurious ones with three gemstone settings to the simplest ones (we talked about this in the article on what ring to give to your girlfriend*).

They are usually made of white or yellow gold, with a precious stone (traditionally a diamond). They are placed on the ring finger because of an ancient belief that it passed through it a vein that led directly to the heart, so it quickly became a symbol of true love. 

They also often bear personalized inscriptions that have a special meaning for the couple. The most common is the date of the engagement, the wedding date, the initials or names of the bride and groom, and the affectionate nicknames by which they are known, among others.

Eternity rings

Lesser known, but just as meaningful, eternity rings are a bit more ostentatious than engagement rings. They are customary on anniversaries to celebrate the couple’s love and overcoming challenges and serve that function: that of renewing vows in an informal but symbolic way, or celebrating successes together.

Wedding rings

TOUS Glaring ring in silver vermeil with three sapphires (green, pink and orange)

The most famous of all is the ring that the couple exchanges during the wedding celebration as a symbol of devotion, fidelity, and eternal alliance. Wedding rings are usually made of gold or platinum, as they are the most durable, and usually have the date of the wedding engraved on the inside. You wear it on the ring finger next to the engagement ring.

Celebration rings

These are those that are given during special dates such as the birth of a child, an anniversary, or the achievement of a milestone, among others. They can be worn on the ring finger together with the engagement and wedding rings, or you can wear them on another finger of the hand.

Gift rings

If you are looking for rings to give as a gift to a woman, these are the ideal ones. They are rings with a high aesthetic charge, individual or as a set, which are used as a complementary accessory to the outfit. The design line of this type of ring is freer, resulting in very fun pieces, novel materials, lively colors, and endless options for your hands to be the focal point of your outfit.

TOUS rings to give as a gift

Are you looking for something for your girlfriend, sister, mother, or friend? Which TOUS ring can you give her? Below, we suggest four of our favorite options:

  • Triple ring in vermeil silver and TOUS Straight gems: a deadly triple weapon, this triple ring will make your finger a multicolored ivory tower, figuratively speaking. The three spheres topped by multicolored gems go great with any manicure you decide to get that month and with any outfit, day or night. With this ring, you will surprise any woman.
  • Pack of silver, vermeil silver and pink vermeil silver motif rings Ring Mix: this pack of three rings is ideal for wearing in a fixed way daily. You can wear them all on one finger, on different fingers, combine them with other rings or wear just one of them. An ideal gift to celebrate a birthday or a special date.
  • Pink and gemstone triple ring TOUS St. Tropez Rubber: a slightly more daring suggestion, ideal to surprise a woman with a lot of styles. This ring offers three possibilities to wear it, and you can combine it with each other, with other rings, or with any outfit you want to give a fun touch. Purple is the color of the season, and you can’t miss it!
  • Virtual Garden vermeil silver, labradorite, and carnelian seal: inspired by the shapes of nature, this design has a formal cut, large and showy but timeless. It is a perfect model for women with a more sober style, whose color palette moves in beige and brown tones.

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