Flowers and many colors: the jewels for this summer

Flowers and many colors: the jewels for this summer

TOUS Fragile Nature necklace with three sterling silver motifs, with apatite, citrine, cultured pearl, malachite, peridot and carnelian

If the sun is shining incessantly in the sky, the wind has turned warm, and the desire to go out has returned to the body, it is because the year’s best season has arrived. Summer is the perfect season to show a little skin, dare to play more with textures, and use those elements that do not fit our color palette in colder seasons. Although Miranda Priestly did not approve of summer jewelry in The Devil Wears Fashion, every year, it arrives with more strength and with a new twist of style that manages to surprise and fit in.

Unlike clothing, jewelry is a territory of experimentation and daring with respect to upcoming trends. Well, this year has been no exception, and summer jewelry are once again making its appearance in the season’s jewelry boxes in the form of flashy earrings, colorful naïf-looking necklaces, and huge rings that will already ring a bell to those of you who lived through the stylistic furor of the 90s. If we had to sum it up, we’d say that this summer’s mission is to be seen.


Summer jewelry trend this year

Each collection of jewelry that is presented on the catwalk by large and medium-sized firms represents an aesthetic discourse, a proposal, and a way of facing the world from the appearance. 

There is no doubt that in today’s globalized world, references are the order of the day, and most of them seek to stand out for the originality of their aesthetic proposal. In this sense, jewelry for this summer does not disappoint anyone. In fact, the offer is so wide that you will have a good excuse to play with different colors and play the role you want according to your mood.

What will we see this season?TOUS Fragile Nature ring in sterling silver with cultured pearl, peridot, rhodochrosite, carnelian, round blue topaz, malachite, round lemon quartz, and quartz with dumortierite

XL Rings

It is one of the easiest trends to follow because, this season, it seems that more is better. The extra large and flashy rings are back to give prominence to your hands, as well as designs that are transformed to give rise to two or more rings in one, as they have already advanced large fashion houses.

Body Jewelry

Earrings and necklaces, yes, but piercings and waist chains too. Body jewelry is making its comeback in the best style of Britney Spears in the late 90’s, and we couldn’t be more delighted.

TOUS Oceaan necklace in sterling silver with coral bear, cultured freshwater pearls, and glass in different shapes and colorsBig chains

It has already become clear that this summer revolves around large proportions and when it comes to chains, millennials and gen-z are claiming the link models as a must-have accessory in their jewelry boxes. And if they can be complemented with huge pendants with fun designs, all the better.

80 & 90’s, baby

The aesthetics of the 80’s and 90’s will also be present in this season’s proposals, especially in jewelry and accessories. Big earrings with pop designs and electrifying colors, will be the main protagonists of the coming months.

Colors, colors, and more colors

Colorful accessories will mark this season, and summer jewelry will not be the exception.


The best TOUS jewelry this summer

Now it’s time for the moment you’ve been waiting for: our selection of this summer’s favorite jewelry, designed and produced down to the last detail by our creative team. From our St. Tropez collection, we want to highlight some of the summer jewels you’ll want to have in your closet this season:

Spiral and yellow, silver earrings

Earrings are designed in a spiral shape, made with rubber and yellow, and silver details. What we love about this collection is that it is available in three vibrant colors (lilac, deep pink, and blue) and that all the pieces in the collection can be combined with each other according to the inspiration of the moment.

TOUS St. Tropez earcuff in pink rubber with silver vermeil detailsColored, bear, and vermeil silver bracelet

Why have one when you can have all four? This bracelet is part of the Tropez collection, the same as the spiral earrings, and can be worn to match. In addition to lilac, pink and blue, it is also available in black.

Earcuff in pink and vermeil silver color

A fun accessory for your ear, this eye-catching ear cuff will give your look that casual air you are looking for this summer.   

Triple Gemstone Ring Pack

Our favorite ring! You can wear it in an elongated spiral shape, contracted and tight to the finger, and enhance it by adding a gemstone.

TOUS Hav two-tone ring necklace

This necklace is one of those summer jewels that cannot be missing from your jewelry box in any season. Being a simple and classic design, you can complement it with eye-catching pendants like the MOS Bears LAM.

Pearl bracelet with gemstone motifs

In the best holly Golightly style, we are here to champion pearls once again, as they fit perfectly with any outfit and are timeless. This bracelet from the New Motif collection has been designed with that timelessness in mind, and we’re sure it will become your everyday accessory.

TOUS Icon Glass adjustable bracelet in sterling silver and blue nylon with colored Murano glass beadsNose piercing in gold-plated IP steel and rhodolite

In golden steel and rhodolite, this piercing is a subtle accessory that we love because, despite its size, it has the ability to stand out on the face. It is also available with chrome diopside and amethyst.

Silver and Murano glass-colored bracelet

We close this selection with this colorful bracelet that perfectly encapsulates summer vibes. Its colorful and simple design will allow you to wear it on a daily basis or as part of a more elaborate look.

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