The earrings that go best with short hair

The earrings that go best with short hair

Earrings light up the face and highlight the beauty of the person wearing them. Large, small, hoops, round studs, elegant, casual….Not sure which earrings go best with short hair? If you hair isn’t exactly long, you’re in luck, because there are a wide range of earrings that you can unleash your creativity with to create your looks. Practically any type of earring will look good on you.

However, to get it exactly right, you should pay attention to your face shape. If you have a round face, you should opt for pendant earrings, as they refine your face. However, if you have an oval-shaped or elongated face, hoops or bright colored studs on your ear lobes will look perfect. And if you have a square face, the best choice will be medium or large pendant earrings with oval or circular shapes.

Earrings for short hair

Obviously, earrings become more important if you have short hair and they become more than just a simple detail. You will get the most out of them by combining them easily with your clothing and style.

If your hair covers your ear lobe, choose pendant earrings; the length of them will depend on the clothes you wear, your personal taste and how comfortable you feel in them. The advantage of long pendants for short hair is that they don’t get stuck in your hair.

However, with a classic short haircut, you can opt for round stud earrings. You can incorporate a pearl, diamond, colored stone and they can be silver or gold. But, whatever they are, the important thing is that they give you a touch of personality.

And, if you want to wear a very large or striking necklace, it is best to wear matching earrings that are smaller. On the other hand,  if you opt for a small choker, you should combine them with large earrings but without them being huge.

Types of earrings for short hair

There are different types of earrings for women with short hair. For example, hoops (single, double or triple) are always a great choice. We are aware of that, which is why we have designed large and small hoop earrings, in gold, silver, with pearls and precious stones, so you can easily find what you are looking for. In addition, we have models with pendants, for example, with gemstones or in the shape of our bear. And you can also wear earrings with geometrical shapes that are different to the circumference, like triangles, squares. We go a step further and have designed the Silueta collection with heart-shaped pendants or pendants in the shape of the Tous bear.

Another type of earring suitable for short hair are studs or button earrings, in other words, those that stick to the ear. There is an endless variety of designs, as many as you can imagine. The gold earrings from the Tous Balloon collection in the shape of the Tous bear, tear or flower, and the silver earrings from the Bold Bear or Bold Motif collections are perfect for any occasion. For the more special moments, we recommend gold and diamond earrings from the Oursin and Les Classiques collections.

Chandelier earrings, like all pendant earrings, are ideal for short hair styles. Our silver and pearl droplet earrings from the Gloss collection, which include a pendant in the shape of a droplet that are inserted into the lobe, are a sure bet no matter what your style is like. Filigree earrings will also give you a romantic style. But you will also easily find jewelry with a more Bohemian or more rock chick style in our online store. An example of these are our onyx earrings.

Earrings for very short hair

With very short hair, your ears will be comp

letely on show and will stand out like your eyes or mouth, so you should give them the importance they deserve and make them shine so your face shines too.

Cartilage piercings and small earrings if you have very short hair

Decorating the whole ear with jewelry can give you a unique look. Dare to do it and decorate the cartilage with ear piercings too. Take a look at the earrings we have to offer you, both for the ear lobe and the cartilage. Combine more than one earring if you prefer and play with the asymmetry. Wear a long earring in one ear and one or several small ones in the other. To do that, we have created the Teddy Bear Stars earrings. And you can buy individual earrings to build your own creations. Hoop earrings, piercings, ear cuffs in the shape of a bear, dragonfly, heart, star, moon, flour or clover… You choose!

However, if you are more minimalist, opt for small short earrings, but not tiny ones. Any earrings with diamonds and pearls from the Gloss, Icon Pearls, Tous Bear or Less Classiques collections will light up your face. Cameos offer elegance and are perfect for formal ceremonies; you just have to look at the ones from the Ocean Color collection. Although the party earrings par excellence for short hair are maxi earrings: enormous! We love them and you can see this in the wide variety we have to offer.

Ear cuffs and creeper earrings will be a sure success

In addition to the types of earrings described above that are ideal for short hair, which also look fantastic with extra short hair, there are certain specific types for this look.

The climber model which, starting from the lobe, reach up to the cartilage to cover almost the entire ear, have been created for extra short hair. With pearls like those from the Nocturne collection, onyx like the Tous Mini Onyx creeper earrings, with gemstones like the Mini Color or diamonds like those from the Les Classiques collection will create a spectacular look.

And when you have several piercings, you can cover your ear with as many as you like. Piercings for the lobe or for the cartilage, helix or tragus, we have all of the models. If you are scared of needles, remember that we also have ear cuffs (with or without chains) that you can wear on the cartilage without needing to pierce it.

Earrings for short hair 2023: the trends for this year

Hoop earrings are a classic that are a must-have in your jewelry box for 2023. They are timeless and you can wear them with sportswear and when dressing elegantly at any time of the year, at night and during the day. Our hoop earrings from the Basics collection are truly versatile. You should also take a look at those with a pendant. Our bear, a star, a flower, a heart…you choose!

For their part, pearls and diamonds are back in fashion. In spring or winter, they won’t fail you. The size and shape you choose is up to you. Long, short, large, small, studs or hoops; we have what you want. Although, to be at the cutting edge this year, you should treat yourself do some earrings with letters. Our earrings with TOUS written on them are an option you should consider.

Whichever you choose, the earrings for 2023 should be striking. That’s why it’s time to dare to wear our creeper earrings or a pair of maxi earrings. Remember that long earrings with short hair are a perfect combination. And the longer they hang down, especially if you have long hair, the better. Long 925 sterling silver earrings from the Mini Icons collection with our most iconic motifs, which are the bear, flower, heart and star will be very useful.

Finally, remember that the fashionable materials are onyx, steel, silver and gold. We offer you earrings in these materials, in addition to earrings made with diamonds, pearls, mother of pearl, gemstones, amethysts, sapphires or Murano glass. You choose the style and material, but remember that they should be of a high quality to prevent allergies and infections. In that sense, you can enjoy peace of mind because all of our jewelry is hypoallergenic.


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