Learn how to combine gold chains with any look

Learn how to combine gold chains with any look

Today, we consider gold chains for women a basic accessory that cannot be missing from any person’s jewelry box. They are jewelry that combines with an infinite number of outfits, bringing a chic touch to the simplest outfit.

Want to know why you should have one or more gold chains? We help you find your ideal chain necklace!

TOUS Chain choker in yellow goldWhat is a gold chain?

In the world of jewelry, there are many types of accessories. Those that adorn our necks (necklaces, chokers, chains) often generate some confusion due to the infinity of types, styles, and designs that exist. Don’t worry! We explain how to use and combine gold chains to achieve looks full of personality.

Gold chains are accessories that join a series of intertwined links forming a chain. It is the favorite jewelry of women who want to convey elegance, aesthetics, and glamor.

Why choose a chain necklace?

Although some fashions come and go, there are certain accessories that become timeless regardless of what is trending.

One of them is gold chains for women. They are jewelry that conveys elegance when we wear a more formal look but also bring personality to everyday styles.

Besides being a perfect jewel to enhance our personality, it is also ideal for giving to a special person. A gold chain can become a family heirloom that, due to its timelessness, can be passed from generation to generation.

TOUS Chain choker in yellow goldHow to wear a gold chain?

The great advantage of gold chains is that we can combine them with all kinds of looks and outfits. Whether you wear a patterned or plain piece, a gold chain for women will put the finishing touch.

And while less is often more, wearing more than one chain is also allowed. You can play with different heights, so they don’t overlap and use chains of different thicknesses, sizes, and styles. To take care of your styling, from TOUS, we recommend wearing an average of three pendants maximum.

Be sure to place each chain strategically and keep the space with each jewel so that they do not mix or move. The idea is to give each chain the prominence it deserves.

Dare to add color to your chains

Another great way to wear a women’s chain necklace is by adding a touch of color. Following the layering trend (wearing several chains around your neck), you can add a chain that incorporates colorful zirconia to your combination.

Find your ideal chain necklace at TOUS

TOUS Basics choker in vermeil silver with interspersed balls

At TOUS, we believe that gold chains are the stellar accessory that every woman should have in her jewelry box. We design chains in different sizes, styles, and colors so that you have nothing to worry about when putting together that outfit that will leave no one indifferent.

Here are our favorite gold chains for women!

Chains from the TOUS Chain collection

If you are looking for an ideal chain, we invite you to discover our TOUS Chain collection. Our first proposal is the medium chain with a vermeil silver cord. It is a perfect jewel for its shape, finishes, and length to join the layering trend and create a unique look.

If you want to add a shorter chain, we recommend the medium chain, also designed in vermeil silver. It is the perfect chain to add a touch of sophistication to any city look, impossible not to give in to it!

Clip-on chains

TOUS Chain choker in yellow gold

Clip-on chains are here to stay. Modern and full of personality to elevate any simple or elegant outfit

In the TOUS Good Vibes collection, we can find a chain designed with oval rings and clip closures to combine with other types of chains.

This chain type is perfect for wearing blazers, v-neck blouses, and round-neck pieces. Dare to wear them mainly during the day to fill your daily outfits with personality.

Long chains

Long chains are a must-have accessory in your jewelry box. They are basic jewelry that combines perfectly with both formal and informal looks.

They are ideal to combine with large medals and gemstone pendants.

At TOUS, we have different designs of long chains of 80 cm in length so that you can wear them alone or in combination with other types of chains.

Do you need to modernize your jewelry box or renew that gold chain that has accompanied you for so long? From TOUS, we can help you find that ideal chain to elevate your outfits.

Easy to combine and perfect for everyday occasions such as going to work, attending an informal event, and meeting up with friends. With our jewelry basics like gold chains for women, you won’t have to worry if you’re invited to a last-minute party or get-together. You’ll be ready to shine and sparkle!

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