Tips for choosing a party bag that matches all your looks

Tips for choosing a party bag that matches all your looks

Once we have chosen the dress or the outfit we are going to wear for that special event that is about to happen, it is time to choose the ideal bag. No party look is complete without a handbag, firstly because it is the accessory that gives closure to any outfit and secondly because it is impossible to leave home without essential items such as a cell phone, ID, keys, and money. Although its name says otherwise, the continued use has made this type of bag also the chosen one for formal events such as baptisms, graduations, or communions, to name a few.

When choosing the suitable model, we can do so by following some of these criteria:

  • Bag that matches the rest of the accessories: depending on the event’s formality, you can choose a model that matches the color, texture, and/or prints of the earrings, scarf, headdress, and/or shoes. This is one of the classic criteria, and it is usually a safe bet when it comes to complete a look.
  • Bag that matches another accessory: unlike the previous criterion, here you should make sure that the model matches the headdress or shoes. For the rest of the accessories, we recommend choosing neutral tones to balance the final palette.
  • Star bag: the third criterion of choice is to opt for a striking model, which is the focal point and carries the pictorial load of your whole look. If you opt for this option, we recommend that the rest of the accessories you wear are straightforward, in neutral, nude, or metallic tones, so that none of them take up the spectacular design of our party bag.


Discover the party bags for women

Party bags are designed to be comfortable and not steal too much attention from the rest of the looks. Fortunately for us, there are many models, and at Tous, we love to design this type of accessory (as you may have already guessed after reading our article on tips for giving a bag as a gift).  

If we explore and identify the types of party bags for women, we can find:


Small TOUS Empire Fur crossbody bag in black and white animal print faux furIt is perhaps the most famous type of party bag and the one that first comes to mind when we think of this type of accessory. The clutch is a small bag made of a wide variety of materials, usually rigid, which gives it the character of a box or chest. Opting for this model is a wise choice in every sense, because they are timeless, and at the same time, each season brings with it reinterpretations that are worth discovering.

Party shoulder bag

Another model that cannot miss in every woman’s closet, both in its casual and party version, which usually has a metallic strap, materials and more striking details. In order not to detract from the elegance of your outfit, we recommend wearing it over the shoulder instead of across the shoulder.


This small, elongated bag opens and closes the same way as a paper envelope. They can be rigid or softer, of different centimeters in length, and made of different materials such as leather or plastic.

Black TOUS Kaos Summer cell phone bag made of transparent vinyl with synthetic leather on the edgesWristlet bag

This is a variation of the clutch model that includes a bracelet that allows it to be worn more comfortably on the wrist.

Mobile Carrier

A relatively new model, born from the need for comfort and pragmatism. The cell phone holder is a small bag, which allows you to store a smartphone and carry it across your chest so that your hands and neck are free of tension. It is an ideal model for summer events, festivals, and concerts. 


The best TOUS party bags

So, which TOUS model is right for me? We select our favorite models, starting with the most casual and ending with some models that we recommend for more elaborate looks.

TOUS Kaos Icon hanging mobile phone holder with wallet in canvas with black Kaos print and synthetic leather detailsTOUS Kaos Summer Mobile Holder

A daring model designed to carry your cell phone and a couple of selected items. Made in transparent vinyl, a leather flap with our logo, and a strap with removable hooks. It is available in pink, black, and mauve.

Kaos Icon black wallet cell phone holder with wallet

A model made of leather with a Kaos print and an adjustable handle. This mobile phone holder contains a removable coin purse that can be used independently, a wallet in the main part with slots for cards and various documents, and a front pocket to store the cell phone. Available in black, black and beige, and beige.

TOUS La Rue mini bag

Ideal for its size and the sobriety of the model, this mini bag from the La Rue collection is ideal for a casual party look, as you can hold it by its fixed handles or by its removable and adjustable strap. Being unicolor, it becomes one of those indispensable bags in our closet because it is easy to combine it with different outfits. It is available in blue, khaki, and beige.

Black TOUS Kaos Summer clutch bag in polished transparent vinyl with faux leather piping along the outer edgesClutch TOUS Kaos Summer

One of our favorite models mainly because it exudes freshness and elegance in equal parts. It is spacious and made with transparent vinyl, zipper closure, and synthetic leather details in three colors: black, pink, and mauve. On the front, it has two more compartments: one with a snap flap, ideal for storing your glasses, and a smaller one to store your AirPods.

TOUS Terra Wallet

Available in coral, blue, and beige with prints, we love this wallet for how convenient it is to have all your important documents at hand. It has two internal compartments, card slots, and a snap button closure. It also comes with an adjustable strap that allows you to carry it at shoulder height, like a messenger bag.

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